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About Us

Leaders in Digital Marketing Solutions

If you need a digital marketing solution that delivers results and sustained success, you need the team at Spotzer. Our team develops client-centric strategies that deliver long-term success for your business. Spotzer boasts leadership across all elements of sales and marketing, combining this extensive experience with innovative product development. Every step of the way you will have access to an expert digital team who simplify everything and streamline your success. Make your business stand out in the digital age by contacting us and discussing your needs today.
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Spotzers digital international expertise

Spotzer’s International Expertise

Spotzer is the voice for small and medium businesses on an international level. The Spotzer team operates out of Amsterdam, Denver, Melbourne, London and Istanbul, combining experienced in-house teams and extensive networks of freelance creative professionals.

The collaborative success of Spotzer comes from their passion for ideas and technology and their drive to create solutions and success for their clients. As an executive of the company, Peter Urmson is a leading voice is Spotzer’s strategic and creative development, driving its networks to create sustainable results for current and future industry leaders.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

Spotzer’s fully integrated solutions across all the digital and marketing elements strive to create and innovate for every industry. With Spotzer on your side, your ideas and values will transform into shareable content that inspires your industry and innovates in your field. Our services include:
Responsive websites services
Responsive sites 
Websites that inspire, create and reflect your values on all platforms
Search engine marketing icon
Search Engine Marketing
Marketing expertise that enhances your visibility and affirms your brand
Social media strategies
Social Media Strategies
Strategies that grow your network and make you a leading voice in your field

Search engine optimisation
Professional optimisation strategies that get your voice heard
Video multi-platform communication
Multi-platform communication that embraces creativity and diversity
Blogging - cultivated content
Cultivated content that drives the conversations your industry is having
Leading digital marketing thinkers

Work with leading thinkers, become leading thinkers. Contact us today

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